To prolong for restarting after windows update

Open Registry, Navigate to "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Policies\Microsoft\windows\Windowsupdate\AU". If both the sub-keys "Windowsupdate\AU" are not present, create tjese with "Edit->new->key". Create a new entry "RebootWarningTimeoutEnabled" in the right side of the Registry editor by clicking on "Edit->new->DWORD-Value". Open it and set its value to 1. With this you enable the instruction of an interval. Create another value called "RebootWarning-Timeout". Enter the desired span in minutes as the value eg. 30. Additionally, the span between the consistent "Restart later" messages can also be prolonged. This can be done with other entries in the Registry key used above. Create a DWORD-Value with the name "Reboot-RelaunchTimeoutEnabled" and set it to 1. Then create the DWORD value, "RebpptRelaunch-Timeout" and enter the desired duration in minutes after which Windows should repeat the message.
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